Our British bulldogs bring great joy to our lives and we want the same for all those that are looking to purchase a puppy. Puppies are all registered & we are members in good standing with the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council). They will most likely be carrying Bluies, Merle, Brindle, Sable, Lilac, Seal, Tri Markings / Pattern, Black / White, Black Brindle / White, Black Bluies / White, Black Merle, Black Seal / White, Black Seal Merle, Black / Tan, Black Tri, Black Tri / Merle, Black Trindle, Black Trindle Merle, Blue, Blue Brindle / White, Blue Merle, Blue / Tan, Blue Tri, Blue Trindle, Chocolate, Chocolate Brindle / White, Chocolate Merle, Chocolate / Tan, Chocolate Tri, Chocolate Trindle, Fawn / White, Fawn Bluies / Sable, Fawn Bluies / White, Fawn Brindle / White, Fawn Brindle / Bluies / White, Fawn Piebald, Lilac / White, Lilac Brindle / White, Lilac Merle, Lilac / Tan, Lilac Tri, Lilac Tri Merle, Red Brindle / White, Red Piebald, Sable / White.

– Puppies coming with a written one-year health guarantee.
– Pure breed certificate issued by Australian National Kennel Council,
– A non-breeding contract
– Health check, and heath record by a professional veterinarian.
– First vaccination
– Dewormed
– Microchipped
– Potty trained
– Six weeks complimentary health insurance.

Puppies are sometimes available to excellent homes. I have a very stringent email interview process. For me, the placement of my puppies culminates in finding the home that best meets my ideals. As such, the more that you can tell me about the home that is offered and the knowledge that you have of the breed, the more likely I am to be interested in your enquiry.

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