British bulldogs I French bulldogs I Pug Pups
British bulldogs I French bulldogs I Pug Pups
British bulldogs I French bulldogs I Pug Pups

Each Of The Fees Listed For Our Stud Services Are All-Inclusive, Meaning There Are Never Any Additional Fees Or Charges For Collection, Shipping, Etc. We Make It Simple By Providing The Total Cost Of Our Services Upfront, For Our Bulldog Studs.

We also provide placement assistance with each stud service. You will receive quality photos of our stud for your litter announcements and puppy listing; as well as a free listing on our Stud Puppies page, providing you with the potential to reach thousands of new visitors to our website each month, providing you with a large amount of additional exposure for your available puppies.  

Why Use A Stud Service?: While using a stud service may sound a little complicated at first, it really isn’t much different than having a male onsite when performing an artificial insemination. Although it does require a little more planning, the effort is minimal, and well worth the few extra steps. Using a quality outside stud can provide you with many opportunities.

For new breeders, this allows you to produce puppies without the additional investment and care required for your own male. It also provides the option to use different males for each breeding, expanding and creating your own bloodlines.

Current breeders benefit by expanding their current lines, as well as adding new genes, such as rare color or champion bloodlines. Using a high-quality stud can also help to increase the value and desirability of your puppies.

What To Expect With Our Services: In addition to providing you with healthy, quality-sired puppies, we also make the process simple! When you use a Zion bully’s Stud, we’re here to help you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have and assisting you throughout the entire process.

Whether this is your first time using a stud service (or even your first time breeding); or you’re experienced with the process, we customize our service and support to fit your needs! We will work hard to provide you with the very best chance of a successful pregnancy. From last minute collections and overnight, priority shipping for the freshest semen possible; to walking you through the steps needed before and after the breeding.

To ensure quality, every shipment is professionally prepared by our personal Veterinarian. Collections are completed in the office and immediately examined and prepared by our Vet. Once analyzed for quality, a professional-grade semen extender is added to keep the semen strong, and vial(s) are packaged in insulated containers with medical-grade cooling agents. From here, packages are shipped via overnight, priority delivery, directly to your Veterinarian. This is typically done later in the afternoon to provide you with the freshest collection possible, and delivery is completed by 11:30 a.m. the next morning.

Once the semen arrives, your Veterinarian will need to perform the insemination as soon as possible. We highly recommend using a surgical method for inseminating your female. This requires just one insemination, and has proven to be the most effective option available, in both success rates and litter sizes.

Additional Benefits: 

Photos Provided~ With each stud service, we will provide you with professional, quality photos of our stud for you to include with your upcoming litter announcements and puppy listings. Photos are a very important for potential adopters and a big part of the decision making process.  

Limited Availability~ Each of our studs sire a very limited number of litters each year. This provides you with the opportunity to place your puppies into their new homes when no other puppies, from the same sire, are available. 

Placement Assistance~ In addition to limiting the number of puppies produced from our studs each year, we also provide free listings of you puppies on our Studs Puppies page, providing you with increased exposure to thousands of new visitors to our website each month! 

Guaranteed Results: We guarantee results with each initial stud service. If pregnancy is unsuccessful with the first attempt, and documentation of the proper progesterone levels at the time of breeding have been provided, we will repeat our services as absolutely no cost to you. 

Collection, preparation, overnight shipping, etc., for a second breeding are entirely at our expense and we highly recommend a surgical insemination be performed at this point. 

If breeding is unsuccessful with a second attempt, an in-depth evaluation of your females ability to breed should be completed. Not all females, especially Bulldogs, are capable of breeding, especially when performing a traditional insemination. Even females that have successfully produced puppies in the past may now be unable to carry a pregnancy, or may require a surgical insemination to breed. 

Knowing Your Vet: ( I feel that it is important to share with you how critical your Veterinarian is to your overall success. There is nothing more heartbreaking than going through all of the pre-planning and preparation, only for it to fail due to the inexperience or lack of concern of a Veterinarian.) After all of the preparation for breeding has been done, this entire process is now in the hands of your Veterinarian. You will rely heavily on them to perform proper pre-shipment testing for progesterone levels, or other pre-breed tests, to determine the best shipping date and timely insemination. They will ultimately be responsible for the success or failure of the your breeding, so take your time in choosing a vet from very start. 

Make several calls and personal visits to their office(s) if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their experience, testing methods, success rates, etc. This may also be a good time to discuss their method for determining the due date. 

Knowing how they handle the delivery of your puppies is very important. You will need to know whether they schedule C-sections simply based on breed/ovulation date, or if a more detailed test is performed. It is best to perform a progesterone test, or at the very minimum, a target test to ensure that your female is full-term to prevent the needless loss of puppies due to prematurity.

All of these things are vital to the success of the pregnancy and overall health of the puppies. It is best to schedule an appointment with your Veterinarian several weeks prior to the expected breed date to discuss progesterone and/or target testing, insemination methods and breeding in general.

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